sabato 20 marzo 2010


After our crazy night out in the hotspots of Milan, my friends and I decided to have a quiet day on Sunday, the highlight of which was trying out the totally not Italian tradition of brunch. Brunch in Milan, from what I could tell, is a very expensive way of buying a high quality version of what in the UK we call pub food. And yes, they call it “brunch.” After failing to get a table at the Californian bakery, we ended up at Exploit, which is near the columns and not at all far from the places we had visited the night before. I made the mistake, when ordering the “hamburger exploit” of assuming that the name of the place had been borrowed from English and not French. Luckily, the snooty waiter quickly corrected me and my pronunciation. Had I been feeling a bit more on the ball, I would have insisted on placing my entire order in French, but unfortunately my brightest ideas only come to me long after the opportunity to use them has passed, so at the time I just smiled sweetly and pretended to be interested.

Luckily the food, when it came, was actually very nice.

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