venerdì 24 ottobre 2008

Being Poetic

Milan is not a city that has a reputation for being stunningly attractive. A few of the buildings are, but often you have to go looking for the beauty which are often hidden in someone's courtyard or blocked from view by traffic and tram wires. Today, however, I found some of it by accident.

It might have been to do with the the aperitivo I had with my colleagues after work today or the fact that it was Friday. Whatever. After Aperitivo number 1, I went into the centre of town to meet a friend for Aperitivo number 2. I got off the metro at Pagano and walked up to the Piazza Sempione. Unlike in Zona San Siro, the houses were decorated with carved stone balconies instead of satellite dishes. For once, the perfume of the fallen leaves was stronger than the traffic fumes. I breathed in the fresh night air and felt good about life.

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