domenica 26 ottobre 2008

What I Love About Italy Is...

The carrier bags. Those lovely stiff paper ones with string handles that make you feel like you've been shopping in a designer boutique, even although Zara and Promod give them out for free.

The best ones, of course, are the ones that actually come from designer boutiques. Not that I shop in designer boutiques, but I acquire the bags second hand where I can.

This morning, I was desperately wondering where I could find some paper to wrap a few presents. Wrapping paper is one of these things that are hard to find in a foreign country and I didn't get any yesterday when the shops were open. You can imagine my delight this morning, therefore, when I opened the door of my flat's carrier bag cupboard (these things are ubiquitous) to discover that my predecessor had left me dozens of gorgeous paper bags, all folded neatly and ready to be used to conceal my disorganisation in preparing my presents. (This was a huge improvement on my last flat, where the ancient supermarket carriers had been semi-devoured by the nest-building mice.)

So if the relevant friends are reading this, I have to admit to you that your present did not come from an extremely upmarket Italian department store...but the carrier bag did.

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