giovedì 29 gennaio 2009

Lo Smog

The other day as I was walking home from work along the main road, I noticed that I wasn't breathing properly. Not in an, "Oh no, I'm about to have a heart attack!" kind of a way, more the way I used to breath walking through the smoking section of a restaurant when people were still allowed to smoke in restaurants.

But I wasn't in a restaurant. I was out in the open air.

I wrote the other day about how terrible the air quality is in Milan. In fact, this is such an obsession that approximately 5% of my blog posts have been about the pollution here. The latest news is that Italy, having exceeded the safe EU limits for air pollution in Milan for the past 4 years, is about to be taken to the European court of justice and will in theory be made to pay millions of euros in fines if they don't solve the problem.

Unfortunately, they have until 2011 to do it and I'll either have left or died of lung cancer, so in the meantime, I've taken to walking the back streets to school. The air there is a little bit easier to breathe, but it takes extra oxygen to jump around the dog shit. If you've ever moaned about the crottes de chien in Paris, you should see Milan.

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