lunedì 26 gennaio 2009

The X Factor

As a way of avoiding the mounds of paperwork that I should be doing tonight, I'm watching the Italian X Factor.

The show was opened by the UK singer Seal. He came on stage and spoke in English. The presenter spoke back to him in English. One of the Italian judges asked him the question "Do you think I'm sexy?" Throughout all of this, a little bit of what was said was translated into almost inaudible Italian. The rest wasn't.

This leads me to two possible conclusions. One is that the producers of RAI television believe that all the people in Italy who watch The X Factor are fluent in English. The other is that on the X Factor it doesn't matter what you say as long as you look good and sound cool.

The programme has been on for about 20 minutes now and there's been about 30 seconds of the contestants singing. The rest is the judges arguing with each other and interrupting a lot.

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