venerdì 26 dicembre 2008

Adventures in the Italian Language 3

Inspired by Jennie en France, I've been spending my Christmas holiday doing online language tutorials. (Christmas is not very exciting in my family. And Jennie, if you're reading this, your site is fantastic!)

Today I tested my level in Italian on the BBC website and then found their list of "cool Italian" phrases. It reminded me of one of my favourite slang expressions in Italian: che gnocco/a! Referring to an Italian man or woman as a kind of potato dumpling means, for some reason, that you find him or her very attractive.

Another one I liked was "limonare", which apparently means "to snog with passion." Something to do with puckering up your lips, perhaps.

And finally, I learned that a "scambio di lingua," which I have asked for several times in my search for foreign language conversation partners, has another, more literal meaning.

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Jennie ha detto...

Grazie! I'm actually spending my vacation working on my site. :)